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About Us

Our Office


Safe, efficient, and seamlessly connected transportation throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.


To provide long term multimodal planning to guide investment options and solutions.


  • Safety and Security – to provide a safe and secure transportation system
  • System Maintenance and Preservation – to preserve and maintain the condition of the existing transportation system
  • Mobility, Connectivity, and Accessibility – to facilitate the easy movement of people and goods, improve interconnectivity of regions and activity centers, and provide access to different modes of transportation
  • Environmental Stewardship – to protect the environment and improve the quality of life for Virginians
  • Economic Vitality – to provide a transportation system that supports economic prosperity
  • Coordination of Transportation and Land Use – to promote livable communities and reduce transportation costs by facilitating the coordination of transportation and land use
  • Program Delivery – to achieve excellence in the execution of programs and delivery of service


  • Fund Studies
  •  Provide technical assistance
  •  Coordinate planning  efforts
  • Advocate multimodal solutions


  • The Office of Intermodal Planning and Investment is located within the Office of the Secretary of Transportation and was created in 2002 to encourage the coordination of multimodal and intermodal planning across the various transportation modes within the Commonwealth. Since then, the office has produced multiple statewide planning efforts, performance reports and collaborated with multiple entities to promote a safe, strategic and seamless transportation system.
  • In 2006 OIPI brought on two full time staff members and moved to the 600 E. Main Street building.
  • The office now consists of 3 staff members and is supported by all the agencies involved in Virginia’s transportation system.

What We Do

From Virginia's General Assembly Legislative Information System 


§ 2.2-229. Office of Intermodal Planning and Investment of the Secretary of Transportation.


There is hereby established the Office of Intermodal Planning and Investment of the Secretary of Transportation, consisting of a director, appointed by the Secretary of Transportation, and such additional transportation professionals as the Secretary of Transportation shall determine. The goals of the Office are to provide solutions that link existing systems; promote the coordination of transportation investments and land use planning; reduce congestion; improve safety, mobility, and accessibility; and provide for greater travel options. It shall be the duty of the director of the office to advise the Secretary, the Virginia Aviation Board, the Virginia Port Authority Board, and the Commonwealth Transportation Board on intermodal issues, generally.


The responsibilities of the Office shall be:


1. To identify transportation solutions to promote economic development and all transportation modes, intermodal connectivity, environmental quality, accessibility for people and freight, and transportation safety;


2. To assist the Commonwealth Transportation Board in the development of the Statewide Transportation Plan pursuant to § 33.2-353;


3. To coordinate and oversee studies of potential highway, transit, rail, and other improvements or strategies, to help address mobility and accessibility within corridors of statewide significance and regional networks, and promote commuter choice inclusion in the six-year improvement program;


4. To work with and coordinate action of the Virginia Department of Transportation, the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation, the Virginia Port Authority, and the Virginia Department of Aviation to promote intermodal and multimodal solutions in each agency's strategic and long-range plans;


5. To work with and review plans of regional transportation agencies and authorities to promote intermodal and multimodal solutions;


6. To work with and coordinate actions of the agencies of the transportation Secretariat to assess freight movements and promote intermodal and multimodal solutions to address freight needs, including assessment of intermodal facilities;


7. To assess and coordinate transportation safety needs related to passenger and freight movements by all transportation modes;


8. To coordinate the adequate accommodation of pedestrian, bicycle, and other forms of nonmotorized transportation in the six-year improvement program and other state and regional transportation plans;


9. To work with and coordinate actions of the agencies of the transportation Secretariat to implement a comprehensive, multimodal transportation policy;


10. To develop quantifiable and achievable goals pursuant to § 33.2-353 and transportation and land use performance measures and prepare an annual performance report on state and regional efforts. The Office of Intermodal Planning and Investment shall work with applicable regional organizations to develop such goals;


11. To identify and facilitate public and private partnerships to achieve the goals of state and regional plans;


12. To provide technical assistance to local governments and regional entities to establish and promote urban development areas pursuant to § 15.2-2223.1; and


13. To establish standards for the coordination of transportation investments and land use planning to promote commuter choice and transportation system efficiency.


Who We Are

Multimodal Working Group

The Office of Intermodal Planning and Investment (OIPI) is tasked with maintaining and coordinating the Multimodal Working Group.  This group consists of the lead planners for each mode of transportation and the policy advisors of every agency within the Secretariat, including the Virginia Department of Transportation, Department of Motor Vehicles, Motor Vehicle Dealer Board, Virginia Department of Aviation, Virginia Port Authority, Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation, and the Virginia Commercial Space Flight Authority.  This group informs the plans and projects OIPI undertakes, and ensures a truly multimodal transportation system is achieved and maintained in Virginia.


  • Virginia Department of Transportation
    • Marsha Fiol
    • Robert Mannell
    • Katherine Graham
    • Robin Grier
  • Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles
    • Wayne Davis
    • Craig Whitham
  • Motor Vehicle Dealer Board
    • Prin Cowan
  • Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation
    • Chris Arabia
    • Nick Britton
    • Jitender Ramchandani
    • Katie Schwing
  • Virginia Department of Aviation
    • Rusty Harrington
  • Virginia Port Authority
    • Jeff Florin
  • Virginia Commercial Space Flight Authority
    • Kim Lochrie

Office of Intermodal Planning and Investment





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