Why do we have a Statewide Transportation Plan?

Virginia's transportation system is a complex network of highways, streets, sidewalks, trails, rail corridors, transit systems, information systems, airports and runways, shipping ports and docks, intermodal connectors, and even a space port. This variety is the essence of a "multimodal" transportation system. The multimodal transportation system serves residents, businesses, tourists and other visitors, all of whom have different needs and desires. Virginia's transportation providers are facing ever-increasing challenges to address growing demands for facilities and services with limited public funds. The Statewide Transportation Plan identifies the most critical needs and cost-effective means to operate, maintain and improve the Commonwealth's transportation systems and serves to guide public investment in the transportation network.

What is the Office of Intermodal Planning and Investment?

The Office of Intermodal Planning and Investment (OIPI) is located within the Office of the Secretary of Transportation and was created in 2002 to encourage the coordination of multimodal and intermodal planning across the various transportation modes within the Commonwealth. Since then, the office has produced multiple statewide planning efforts, performance reports and collaborated with multiple entities to promote a safe, strategic and seamless transportation system.

What modes of transportation are included in the VTrans update?

VTrans is multimodal and includes the following modes of transportation: roads and bridges, public transportation, bicycle, pedestrian, freight transportation, passenger rail, ports and aviation activities. Federal regulations emphasize safety and security; the VTrans update will look carefully at the safety and security of different transportation modes.

How are the VTrans update and the Six-Year Improvement Programs related?

VTrans is a long-range planning document looking 20 years or more into the future. VTrans is not required to include specific projects but will provide a plan to improve and maintain the State's current assets. As required by law, the Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) allocates public funds to transportation projects over six fiscal years, comprising the Six-Year Improvement Program (SYIP). Projects include improvements to the interstate, primary, secondary and urban highway systems, public transit, ports and airports and other programs. The CTB updates the SYIP each fiscal year. As revenue estimates are updated, new priorities are identified and existing projects advanced.

How can I participate in the VTrans update?

During the development of VTrans, there are ample opportunities for citizens to participate through public meetings, an opinion survey, reviewing materials on the web, and providing comments. You can send in comments via mail, e-mail, or in person at meetings. You can stay involved through materials posted to the web, by attending public meetings, and by communicating with the study team.

How do I find more information or submit comments?