VTrans is Virginia's Transportation Plan. It is prepared for the Commonwealth Transportation Board by the Office of Intermodal Planning and Investment.

About InteractVTrans

InteractVTrans is a web-based application providing access to VTrans-related data such as VTrans Mid-term Needs and Priorities, VTrans Macrotrends and their Long-term Impacts, VTrans Key Performance Indicators, etc.

Purpose: InteractVTrans Map Explorer provides three primary functions:

  • SEARCH + DOWNLOAD: Search and download VTrans data specific for a city, county, MPO, or PDC area and other areas of geographic interest.
  • VIEW + DOWNLOAD LAYERS: View layers of interest and download layers generated for VTrans.
  • COMMENT: Comment by dropping a point on the map and noting a specific comment or idea relevant to VTrans.

Available Layers: As of December 2021, the following layers are available for viewing, searching, and downloading functions.

  • VTrans Travel Markets
    • CoSS Roadways
    • CoSS Roadway Buffer
    • CoSS Rail Components
    • CoSS Intermodal Components
    • Regional Networks
    • Urban Development Areas
    • Urban Development Areas - IEDA
  • Committed Projects and Studies
    • Six-Year Improvement Program (Points)
    • Six-Year Improvement Program (Lines)
    • STARS Studies
    • Arterial Management Plans (In Development)
    • GAP-TA Locations
  • VTrams Mid-term Needs
    • 2021 VTrans Mid-term Needs
    • 2019 VTrans Prioritized Mid-term Needs
    • 2019 VTrans Mid-Term Needs (Nodes)
    • 2019 VTrans Mid-Term Needs (Segments)
  • Political Boundaries
    • Metropolitan Planning Organizations
    • Planning District Commissions
    • Construction Districts
    • County and City
    • Towns
  • Roadways and Safety
    • Roadway Characteristics
    • Crash Data
    • Vehicle Restrictions
    • VTrans Flooding Risk Assessment
  • Multimodal Facilities
    • Bus Stops
    • Park and Ride Lots
    • State Funded Intercity Bus Routes
    • Passenger Rail Stations
    • Rail Lines
    • Long Distance Bicycle Routes
    • Bicycle Facilities
    • Sidewalks
  • Intermodal Facilities
    • Maine and Inland Ports
    • Airports
  • Other
    • InteractVTrans Public Comments
    • VTrans Activity Centers
    • Equity Emphasis Areas


  • Please refer to other limitations included in metadata which can be accessed by using the “i” information buttons.
  • Unless OIPI has been identified as the official Source System of Record (SSR), no business decisions should be made based on this data without first validating its accuracy against the official Source System of Record (SSR).

How-To Resource for InteractVTrans

View the video or click through the various function steps to become familiar with the features of InteractVTrans. InteractVTrans includes three primary functions 1.) Search + Download 2.) View + Download 3.) Comment. The following video and step-by-step tutorials provides users with step-by-step guidance on all three primary functions.

Search + Download
Provides ability to query and filter VTrans data specific to a city, county, MPO or PDC area and other areas of geographic interest. Users have the ability to download search results in multiple formats
View + Download
Provides ability to explore VTrans map layers and other linked data sources. Users have the ability to download layers and metadata for data hosted by OIPI and/or create a printable map
Provides ability to provide public comment by dropping a point on the map and noting a specific comment or idea relevant to Virginia's Statewide Transportation Plan

Click within the Finder searchbar to quickly navigate to addresses or features.

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If you spot a data error or bug please email us a detailed description of the issue to comment@vtrans.org so we can continue to improve the application. Additional contact information can be found on the Contact Us webpage.