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The commonwealth’s statewide long-range plan, VTrans, provides a blueprint of Virginia's transportation future.


What is VTrans?


VTrans is the long-range, statewide multimodal policy plan that lays out overarching Vision and Goals for transportation in the Commonwealth. It identifies transportation Investment Priorities and provides direction to transportation agencies on strategies and programs to be incorporated into their plans and programs.

The VTrans2025 Report was completed in 2004, and the VTrans2035 Report was accepted by the CTB in December, 2009. The interim update of VTrans2035 (VTrans2035 Update) did not establish a new horizon year, nor did it include a fully updated analysis of anticipated long-range transportation needs. Rather, it focused on transforming the existing components of VTrans2035 into a new framework for linking system-wide performance evaluations to planning, policy development, and funding decisions. Using this “performance-based planning” framework, transportation agencies and decision-makers can use information about projected transportation needs with assessments of current system performance to develop cost-effective strategies that simultaneously address existing transportation needs and anticipated future conditions.

VTrans2040 efforts will be in full swing soon; please return to this page for more information regarding the stages of this planning process.


Why Do We Have A Statewide Transportation Plan?


Virginia’s transportation system is a complex network of highways, sidewalks, trails, rail corridors, transit systems, information systems, airports and runways, shipping ports and docks, intermodal connectors, and even a space port. This variety is the essence of a “multimodal” transportation system.   The multimodal transportation system serves residents, businesses, tourists and other visitors, all of whom have different needs and desires.  Virginia’s transportation providers are facing ever-increasing challenges to address growing demands for facilities and services with limited public funds. Consequently, it is more important than ever to identify the most critical needs and cost-effective means to operate, maintain and improve the Commonwealth’s transportation systems.


Timeline of VTrans Efforts:




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