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The Office of Intermodal Planning and Investment (OIPI) has assembled a range of resources for transportation planners across Virginia. From this page you will find links to:


Current Research 

Documents, files, and resources prepared for or by the Office of Intermodal Planning and Investment, or the Multimodal Advisory Committee (MAC) in 2015. Additional resources specific to VTrans2040 are also available.


Searchable Library 

An online repository of national articles, reports, research, and other resources collected by OIPI and organized for use by local transportation planners and elected officials. Each piece in the searchable database has an executive summary to help planners quickly assess the relevance to their region and issues.


Presentations and Videos


OIPI slide presentations and videos from 2015, including a keynote address by SIR’s John Martin on Trends Impacting the Future of Transportation in Virginia.


Past Reports and Studies


Resources from OIPI that are older than one year.


Current Research


Northern Virginia Transportation Demand Management Study – March 2016


Over the course of 2015, OIPI has commissioned several studies to Michael Baker International and the Southeastern Institute of Research. They have explored key trends impacting long-term transportation planning in the Commonwealth. Of particular interest are the shifting priorities in economic development. For decades local economic development efforts focused on investing in infrastructure to create appealing building sites in hopes of attracting new employers to a region. If the jobs are available, then workers will come and the area will prosper.



More recently, economic developers have shifted to focus more on investing in creating great places to live, work, and play in order to attract younger workers. If the workers are present, then employers will come. This emphasis on “placemaking” is growing across the country and is something planners and elected officials in Virginia need to better understand.


Here are some of the reports conducted for OIPI on this important shift:


Presentations and Videos


Update to Commonwealth Transportation Board – January 2015 
Slides with notes included. 



OIPI and VTrans2040 - Using a Generational Lens to Understand the Future of Transportation SystemsVideo of John Martin’s keynote address. 27 minutes. 

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